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Panic Away Review Overall Rating: Very effective

Panic Away is a self-help program that claims to teach users to completely eliminate panic attacks using a simple, easy-to-learn process called the One Move Technique.  The system also focuses on teaching users to overcome symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as well.

Research on independent user feedback indicates that Panic Away and the One Move Technique do help people learn how to effectively stop panic attacks and the accompanying anticipatory anxiety as well.

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Does it Really Work:  Independent User Feedback

Panic attacks really scare me and I was desperate to find anything that worked.  I can honestly say I have not had a full blown panic attack since I got this ebook. — excerpt cited from a user comment on

I got exceptionally better using Panic Away.excerpt cited from a user comment on the forum

It’s definitely helping… the One Move method that he talks about, it does work.  I felt a panic attack coming on today and I did the One Move and it went away, and has stayed away.excerpt cited from a user comment on

Wow… I realized the Panic Away was kind of good!  I felt more confident and “daring” now.  I mean have you ever had your first panic attack and later you kept worrying and anxious wondering when will the next attack come?  Yeah, I’m referring to that – I am more daring and I don’t fear about it anymore.   I guess the Panic Away was worth it. — excerpt cited from a user comment on forum

I bought Panic Away last year and it has helped me a lot.  I was on Propanol but now I am not.  I have suffered with panic attacks for 16 years and also agoraphobia.  With the help of this book, I am starting to feel more of myself. — excerpt cited from a user comment on

I too suffered from this hideous problem, after exhausting all avenues I came across a web site called Panic Away by Joe Barry.  I downloaded his manual and have read and followed his very simple advice.  I could not even go into the supermarket to get a loaf of bread without dread … nearly ruined my life… this manual is absolutely magnificent I am now 98% cured… I would totally recommend, if you want to regain control of this debilitating illness, buy Panic Away… its worth every cent. — excerpt cited from a user comment on forum

Panic Away is an ebook I’ve used to help me overcome my panic attacks as well as general anxiety.  It isn’t instant, though it is very quick.  Panic Away is a fantastic book, but you’re going to have to actually use it to see any effect. — excerpt cited from a user comment on forum

It helps tackle a panic attack and dispels the fear of when it happens, but it didn’t teach you how to understand how you got to the point of a panic attack in the first place. — excerpt cited from a user comment on

The book Panic Away really helped, I have now reduced my Paxil to 10mg in a week, and plan to be completely off by Xmas. — excerpt cited from a user comment on forum

I used this program to cure my panic attacks.  It was the only thing that helped me.excerpt cited from a user comment on

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Summary — Our Research on Panic Away Suggests:

Based on a review of unbiased user comments (gathered from independent forums and websites), our research suggests that Panic Away does work as claimed for teaching users to eliminate panic attacks with the One Move Technique.

Product Details

Panic Away and the One Move Technique were developed by Barry Joe McDonagh, a former panic-attack and GAD sufferer.  It has been used by over 42,000 people to help them overcome panic attacks or anxiety attacks over the last seven years.  Certified by Better Internet Bureau as a Quality Site.  Member of the International Society of Mental Health Online.  Very low return rate (less than 2%.)  Numerous additional user comments on official site including audio testimonials.  Free mini-course available on official Panic Away site.

Product Specs

Includes: Immediately downloadable pdf ebook, online audio-visual presentation of the system, One Move Technique mp3 audio guide, driving anxiety mp3 audio process, members forum, and email consultation as needed.

Price: 67.95

Return Policy: If unsatisfied, user can return the product within eight weeks.  Refunds processed by Clickbank, an independent, established payment processor.

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